St. Lucia



While you’re in Saint Lucia, you can choose to do as little or as much as you’d like! We encourage those who prefer to keep busy while on vacation to discover the specialty restaurants and bars, local shopping destinations, and exciting evening entertainment options found outside of the resort. Immerse yourself in the rich culture and the lush environments in Saint Lucia to make your vacation an unforgettable one! 

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Explore St Lucia Restaurants

Restaurants and Bars

Whether it’s local Caribbean, Asian fusion, or eclectic international dishes, Saint Lucia offers a rich diversity of food to suit all palates. The following independent and resort-based restaurants break the boundaries of cuisine by taking local, indigenous ingredients to the highest levels of creativity.

Spice of India

In this restaurant filled with art and artefacts imported from various regions of India, the ambiance creates a truly authentic fine dining experience. Chef Adil celebrates his love for cooking by bringing a modern flair to the ancient, traditional Indian Tandoor technique of cooking to St. Lucia. Guests can watch the chefs in action in the open display kitchen or take part in personal lessons from the chef himself. Learn more here.

Big Chef Steakhouse

Located at the top tip of the tourist trail in Rodney Bay, Big Chef Steakhouse entertains large crowds of locals and tourists, making for a busy but relaxed atmosphere every night of the week. With Angus Beef, crisp salads, succulent local seafood, a chic lounge bar with great cocktails and a top class wine list, this restaurant is a great place to visit! Learn more here.

Memories of Hong Kong

This distinct restaurant is well-known for its amazing Cantonese cuisine. The oriental décor and delectable dishes are cooked to perfection to provide a rich and cultural experience for diners. Their popular appetizer, Crispy Aromatic Duck, is a must try!

The Coal Pot

The Coal Pot’s ambiance is as special as its cuisine. The open wood and stone structure has been a historical pillar for over 35 years. Chef Xavier Ribot blends an exquisite French cuisine created with a large splash of Caribbean flavor using fresh local ingredients. It will be impossible to leave the beautiful island of St Lucia once you try one of The Coal Pot’s fresh fish specialties.

Explore St. Lucia


Saint Lucia offers diverse attractions and activities to suit whatever mood you’re in. Where you go, the colors of the beautiful island will mesmerize you, the scenery will amaze you, and the tropical air will embrace you. Prepare for a sensory overload in the excitement that is Saint Lucia!

Pigeon Island National Landmark

Pigeon Island National Landmark is a 40 acre park that retraces the many historical legends of Saint Lucia, showcasing the local wildlife and the fantastic surrounding seascapes. Visitors to the park are free to explore at their own pace the remnants of Admiral Rodney’s naval base, take a refreshing dip at one of the coves, walk along the perimeter of a legendary pirate’s cave, or hike to the top of the fort for a spectacular 360 degree view. 

Rodney Bay

Flanked on both sides by shopping malls, banks, restaurants and bars, this attraction offers lots to do. Sit in their cafés, try some local Creole cuisine, shop at their tax-free brand name and specialty stores, try your luck at Saint Lucia’s only casino, or enjoy some live entertainment for a full day of excitement!

Diamond Botanical Gardens

The Diamond Falls in Soufrière features three popular attractions: a botanical garden, a beautiful waterfall colored by mineral deposits, and a healing mineral bath. Within the gardens, visitors can find educational displays of local fruits and vegetables. For a small fee, visitors can also relax in the soothing outdoor pools or private bathhouses. Learn more here.

Soufrière (The Pitons & Sulphur Springs)

When you visit Soufrière, a colourful fishing town found on the west coast of Saint Lucia, you can enjoy some of the best views of the Pitons and visit the Sulphur Springs. The Pitons are St. Lucia’s twin towering peaks and prime topographic feature on the island. At the end of a long day, visitors to the Sulphur Springs can view the bubbling pools and hissing fumaroles from observation platforms, and soak in some nearby therapeutic springs.

MSL entertainment


You may want to save your energy while you’re on vacation in Saint Lucia, because the island’s evening entertainment offers just as much fun as a full day of hiking or relaxing at the beach. When you’re ready to experience the nightlife in Saint Lucia, make sure to visit the places below!

Gros Islet Street Party

Every Friday night after sunset, the residents of Gros Islet, a colourful fishing town on the northwest tip of the island, hold a street party that keeps moving until the early hours of Saturday morning. Arts and crafts vendors lay out their stalls and the DJ cranks up the music, making the town centre a party central.  

Anse La Raye Fish Fry

On Friday evenings, the locals in the small fishing village of Anse La Raye host the tradition of a weekly fish festival. Snapper, tuna, Dorado, barracuda, Spanish mackerel, lobster, crab, and a plethora of other fish make their way to the villagers’ coal pots and grills lined on the beach front. Artisans sell their creations from small tables and stalls to a mixed crowd of locals and visitors, and the music swings from laid back to get-up-and-dance as the evening goes on.

Dennery Fish Fiesta

On Saturday nights, the beachfront in the village of Dennery becomes a ‘liming,’ or ‘hang out’ zone, as street vendors set up their stalls and the reggae music turns on. The vibe here is laid back, friendly and authentic, as the Fish Fiesta is a favorite among locals from South of the island.

MSL Shopping


The best shopping in Saint Lucia can be found in Rodney Bay, Gros Islet and the capital city of Castries, where there are numerous shops selling everything from local artisan crafts to brand name items. These are great places to find souvenirs to bring back home as gifts or as a reminder of your vacation in paradise. 

Baywalk Shopping Mall

This shopping mall in Rodney Bay is the newest and most exciting development in Saint Lucia! With over 50 stores and restaurants spread across two floors, a casino, a bank, and a supermarket, there is no better place than here to kick-start your visit to the island. Learn more here.

JQ Shopping Mall

JQ Rodney Bay Mall is Saint Lucia’s premier shopping centre in the North of the island, boasting over 50 of the finest quality shops and services in air-conditioned comfort. The mall also offers a variety of delicious foods, including international chains such as KFC, Burger King and Subway. Find out more here.

Duty Free Pointe Seraphine

This shopping complex is located just outside the city centre of Castries, where the combined experience of retail and dining makes this a destination to remember! Stores and services found here range from car rentals, land & boat tours, souvenirs, designer fragrances, jewelry, and clothing. Duty free shopping is available for airline ticket holders, so be sure to carry your ticket information and ID! Learn more here.