Frequently Asked Questions
Cuba Beach

How do I get to Mystique Casa Perla?
Flights arrive daily to Juan Gualberto Gómez Airport in Varadero and José Martí International Airport in Havana. Bus service is available between Havana and Varadero for guests arriving on flights to Havana and from the Varadero airport to downtown Varadero. 

How far is the Varadero airport from Mystique Casa Perla?
Mystique Casa Perla is located 40 minutes from the Varadero airport. 

How far is the Havana airport from Mystique Casa Perla?
Mystique Casa Perla is located 2.5 hours from the Havana airport.

How often does the bus depart from Varadero airport?
The airport bus schedule is based on the daily flight arrival times.

How can I arrange my transportation to Mystique Casa Perla?
NexusTours provides round-trip transportation from the Varadero airport (and any other airport in Cuba) to Mystique Casa Perla.
Call + 52 998 251 6559 or email and submit your flight details to schedule your transportation.

If I rent a car, where can I park?
Private parking is available at the resort for guests.

Is it necessary to carry cash or can I pay with a credit/debit card?
Cash, credit, and debit cards may all be used. However, please keep in mind that credit and debit cards from banks in the United States are not accepted in Cuba. A 10% tax will be charged to payments made with an American credit or debit card and to exchange US currency. 

Where can I store my valuable belongings?
Each room features a safe where you can store your belongings safely.

What is there to do in Varadero?
If you're looking to relax, we recommended heading to the white-sand beach and enjoying the breeze, the sun, and the drink of your choice.
There are also a host of different activities to try on the peninsula such as scuba diving, tours in classic cars as well as city tours around Matanzas City and Havana.

Tips for your holidays in Varadero

  • Bring eco-friendly mosquito repellent and sunblock
  • Rent a classic car and explore the peninsula
  • Respect the flora and fauna of the island
  • Explore lively downtown Varadero surrounding Mystique Casa Perla
  • Watch the sunset from the terrace or the beach
  • Visit Matanzas City
  • Explore nearby Saturn Cave
  • Go snorkeling or scuba diving