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Where the ocean meets the sandy beaches of Holbox, adventure and relaxation await your arrival. Enjoy the perfect balance of lazy beach days and exploratory adventures on your escape to Mystique Blue, where you will awake to the sounds of the sea and birds singing before setting out for a day of discovery. This natural paradise can be explored by bicycle rides into the village, bird watching, scuba diving, strolls by the ocean, deep sea and fly fishing, kite surfing, snorkeling, kayaking through the mangrove, and walking along the beach.

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Bicycle Rides

Bird Watching

Bird Watching



Kite Boarding

Kite Boarding

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea & Fly Fishing



Island Events

Although Holbox is full of life all year, certain times of the year bring extra special events to the island.  From cultural experiences like the annual Holbox Carnival to Whale Shark Day, there is a variety of special events to celebrate the beauty of life and vibrant traditions in Holbox.

Whale Shark

Whale Sharks

May 15 - September 17
The world's largest fish, the whale shark, migrates through the waters offshore the island every year between the months of May to September.

whale shark

Whale Shark Day

August 30
Celebrate these gentle giants of the sea. Whale sharks can only be found in few places around the world so don't miss the chance to see these friendly fish.


Independence Day

September 15
Celebrate like the locals when you visit Holbox during their Independence Day. With a mix of beautiful Mexican culture and entertainment, people from far and wide gather here to show their pride.



One of the most magical moments on Holbox is experiencing the bioluminescent beaches. This phenomenon can be witnessed throughout the year, however June 24-26, July 24-26, August 24-26 and September 24-26 tend to be the best times to visit as the night sky is darkest allowing the bioluminescence to shine brightly.

How to make the most out of your trip to Holbox:

1. Learn the language: Although English is spoken in Holbox, most locals speak Spanish and are more than willing to help you practice yours. Whether it's a few words or an entire conversation, indulge in the culture and test out your Espanol. 

2. Tour the whole island: Cars are not permitted on the island, so take the opportunity to walk or rent a bike. Soak up the beauty of Holbox while you satisfy your wanderlust with daily discoveries on-land and at sea.

3. Experience local cuisine: One of the best parts of the island is the small restaurants and their local delicacies. Not only will you have the chance to taste their delectable dishes, but you will also be supporting the local restaurants and families.

4. Enjoy the nightlife: The island might be small, but the vibrant nightlife draws in tourists and locals alike for nightly celebrations in the most stunning environment. This secret haven is the perfect backdrop for a night of live music, tropical cocktails and relaxing beach vibes